Wales Strategic Migration Partnership (WSMP)

Enabling a rights based approach to the inclusion of asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in Wales

Strategic Objectives


·         Provide strategic and political leadership and an advisory and coordination role in relation to migration issues in Wales, recognising differing local, regional and national contexts and the needs of local communities

·         Facilitate the development of a coherent and joined up approach to the delivery of different Home Office Programmes/Schemes in a devolved context

·         Support local authorities and their partners (through PSBs and other relevant local/regional Partnerships) to develop a strategic, place based approach to migration issues that supports integration and meets local needs   

·         Support local government’s participation in implementing and delivering positive outcomes in relation to UK Government asylum and refugee Programmes/Schemes and in line with Wales’ policy and legislative framework

·         Working with partners, make effective links with related policy areas to identify and address issues that may threaten the well-being and safety/security of individuals or may impact on local communities 

·         Help to maximise and communicate the benefits and opportunities of migration and promote integration, involving academics and experts as appropriate.

·         Work with partners to identify and share best practice and support the development of an evidence base on migration in order to help authorities better understand their migrant populations and to enhance public policy responses to migration in Wales

Published on: 10 September 2015